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Where to look for disease

Any warm and damp environment can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, and your washing machine is no exception. Laundry loads are nonstop, and moisture can pool and linger in nooks and crannies.

What's more: experts suggest that the risk for lurking bacteria is higher than ever before, because the newer, energy-efficient models of today launder clothing at lower temperatures than older machines did — and are therefore less successful at killing germs.

The dangers here are undeniable. Washing machines can breed E.coli, salmonella, and Klebsiella oxytoca, which can in turn lead to vomiting, cramping, weakened immune systems, and even pneumonia. They're particularly dangerous to small children and the elderly. 

So where exactly does disease-causing bacteria tend to hide? Here are the three most common problem spots to know, so you can effectively stop health-compromising germs in their tracks.

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1. Washer Drum

No surprise here: bacteria can breed right in the drum of your washer, particularly if wet clothes are left to sit for any extended length of time. The problem, of course, is that once bacteria begins to grow, it can easily spread from one load to the next and linger on the not-actually-clean items you then put on your body.

2. Rubber Seal

While many assume the perforated drum to be the obvious danger zone, the smooth rubber seal of a front-load washer's door — also known as the gasket — is another incredibly common breeding ground for mildew and bacteria. If your washing machine is slightly older, wear and tear makes it even easier for moisture to get trapped within the seal.

3. Detergent Drawer

This small compartment creates the perfect environment for bacteria with concentrated humidity and a buildup of old detergent. The germs it harbors can then easily intermingle with your fabrics as detergent is released into the drum. Many individuals overlook the necessity of decontaminating this area because they mistake detergent's cleaning qualities as interchangeable with disinfecting qualities (they're not).

Eradicating disease-causing bacteria from your washer drum, rubber seal, and detergent drawer is an essential part of ensuring that your clothes are actually cleaned and your family stays healthy. 

But standard methods of disinfecting each problem area individually are time-consuming, not to mention subpar in effectiveness. 

Wash Warrior's Deep Cleaning Tablets can clean the drum, rubber seal, and drawer in a single use, rapidly penetrating and eliminating 99% of bacteria. 

It's your all-in-one solution for a stress-free deep clean.

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