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The Worst Myths About Washing Machines Busted

Washing machines are the heroes of home for many, and it’s easy to understand why - what they do is simply magical. Put your clothes in, hit the right buttons, wait for a little while, and voila! You have a fresh set of clean clothes ready to be worn again once they dry.  


Of course, the problem with magical machines is that the magic results from their mystery. Unfortunately, that mystery surrounding a washing machine is often the cause of more than a few weird urban myths about its operation. Even worse, most of these myths are from experiences with devices from decades ago, when washing technology was far more primitive than it is now. 


Thankfully, modern machines don’t have many of the same issues that the units of previous generations suffered, making the myths surrounding washing machines easy to debunk.


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In this Wash Warriors blog, we’re going to explore some of the worst urban myths about washing machines and how these myths are simply untrue! Read on!


1. Self-Washing Machines

Look, we get it; it sounds like something that should make sense. “Washing machines don’t need to be washed because they wash themselves” doesn’t sound like a completely ridiculous statement. 


However, the reality is that this is simply untrue. Just like any machine, your washing machine needs some TLC from time to time, and cleaning your appliances is often the best way to keep the device functional. 

In some cases, this is simply a case of running a drum clean program on your machine. As well as that, using cleaning tablets, such as Wash Warrior’s Deep cleaning Tablets, is the best way to eliminate odorous bacteria.


2. Overusing Detergent

In a similar way that many believe that cleaning your machine is unnecessary, there is also a prevalent belief that using more detergent will lead to cleaner clothes. 


Again, this doesn’t sound incorrect on the surface, but the nature of soap means that this is not necessarily the case. Excessive soap can make cleaning your clothes a more difficult task for your machine. Excessive detergent often implies an overabundance of suds, making rinsing your clothes a much trickier proposition. Improperly rinsed clothing can lead to an odorous result, with a build of soap scum becoming a certainty as a result. 


As a result, it’s best only ever to use the recommended amount of detergent as specified by your soup manufacturer of choice.


3. No Silk or Wool

While machines of previous generations were known to be a bit rougher on clothes than hand washing, the truth for modern machines is quite the opposite. 


It’s been a tale as old as time that wool and silk are the two materials that should never be put into a machine if you plan to wear them again. However, the average washing machine in the modern day is more than capable of keeping your clothing safe. 


In fact, many modern machines have a “delicates” setting as standard in their programming, which is specifically designed to clean those types of materials without damaging them in the process.


That’s it for today’s blog, be sure to check out our other blogs from Wash Warriors on the latest tips and tricks for keeping your washing machine clean and operational. Also, if you have any questions about our products, then feel free to contact us! 

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Happy Washing!

The Wash Warrior Team

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