Stop Ruining Your Clothes By Making These Common Mistakes

Stop Ruining Your Clothes By Making These Common Mistakes

 Washing clothes is a complicated business and requires a fair bit of trial and error to get right every time. Everyone has different methods. However, this also means that everyone is capable of making the same mistakes.

We understand that laundry is tricky at the best of times. Knowing how much detergent and softener to use at any given time is already hard enough before you even get into the complexities of what mode to use for which type of clothing.

Unfortunately, most of these mistakes also have potentially dire consequences and can ruin your clothes and even your machine! 

As a result, we’ve compiled a brief list of what we believe are the worst mistakes that are commonly made and how these negatively affect your laundry and washing machine.

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Saving Your Whites

Everyone has made the same mistake of discoloration that once crisp white t-shirt or pair of pants after incorrectly washing it over time. It’s often believed that age makes your white go dull, though we know that isn’t true.

Placing your whites in a high heat wash cycle allows them to react to the detergent more effectively and can make your whites much brighter and fresher once again.

Zip it Up!

Zippers are the bain of fabrics across the globe. They’re experts at acting and snagging at other clothes and can leave your laundry looking worse for wear if they’re not adequately zipped up. If you have zippers on your clothes, take the time to zip them all fully up while also fastening any clasps or similar mechanisms on your clothes before washing them. Your other clothes will thank you.

Clean Your Machine

One of the most common mistakes many people make when using washing machines is failing to clean their devices regularly. But, like your clothes, your washer needs time care as well, and it pays to make sure your machine is working as well as it can.

Using a robust and non-toxic drum cleaning solution, such as Wash Warrior Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Tablets, can go a long way to making sure your machine stays odor and gunk-free, thus making sure your laundry stays safe as well.

Buttoning Down

Just like zippers, buttons have a terrible habit of tearing your clothes as they tumble around your machine. Taking the time to unbutton your shirts can go a long way in helping your shirt survive for longer while also helping your device avoid the horrors of a blockage from an errant button.

A Closed Door is a Happy Door

Closing your front loader door between washes seems pretty innocuous until you realize that your machine’s greatest enemy is bacteria, which grows when moisture can’t leave your device. Closing your front door can make it difficult for moisture to leave your machine and actively encourage bacteria growth. Conversely, keeping your machine’s door open helps airflow in your machine and allows water to escape.

That’s it for today’s blog, be sure to check out our other blogs from Wash Warrior on the latest tips and tricks for keeping your washing machine clean and operational. Also, if you have any questions about our products, then feel free to contact us!

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