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Perfect Your Laundry Routine With 3 Easy Strategies

Perfect your Laundry Routine with 3 Easy Strategies

Laundry often feels like the chore that's never complete. Clothes dirty daily, and hampers seem to fill up before the previous load make its reentry into closets and drawers. 

With a revolving door of lifelong laundry to handle, the least you can do for yourself is streamline the flow. Don't let wrinkles, wear, and tear shorten the lifespan of your clothes or add time to your cleaning process. Here, we're sharing 3 easy strategies for mastering your laundry routine—so you can feel less loaded down.


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Sort By Texture, Not Just Color

While the traditional method of sorting laundry entails separating darks, colors, and whites, many people forget to consider clothing texture. Thicker fabrics should be washed separately from delicate to avoid damaging your daintier garments.

Cotton and denim, for instance, also require different wash and dry times, and benefit from different spin times than, say, cashmere. Familiarizing yourself with differences in optimal wash settings will preserve the lifespan of each fabric, and also help you save time with some shorter cycles.

Don't Ignore the Underused 'Permanent Press' Option

Ah, the permanent press cycle. Often, it goes untouched during laundry day, as many individuals rely on the 'regular' setting for clothing and linens fairly exclusively. But permanent press is a diamond in the rough. It is the perfect solution for non-delicates you find wrinkling. Permanent pressing your clothing combats creases, and saves you the added effort of ironing before throwing on an outfit.  

Clean Your Machine 

With a machine constantly humming, it's easy to assume the warm water and detergent cleansing your fabrics keep your loader sparkling, too. Unfortunately, the dirt particles and bacterial residue drawn out of your clothes can begin to build up in your machine's nooks and crannies—meaning your clothes might hit the laundry basket with lurking mold and pathogens. To keep your washer in tip-top shape and avoid a partial clean, run your machine with a powerful decontaminating cleanser. The way, every load will emerge fully fresh and ready to wear.

Ready to strategize? Try Wash Warrior today, and perfect your laundry routine for the long haul.

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