How to Wash Soft Toys Without Smelling Like a Sandbox

How to Wash Soft Toys Without Smelling Like a Sandbox

While they may be your children’s best friends, soft toys are not exactly the kindest to washing machines and laundry routines.

Kids usually take their toys with them wherever they go, meaning the average soft toy gets a lot of exposure to all sorts of germs, dirt, and grime over time. Even worse, the average soft toys plushie exterior makes them havens for dirt and grime to sit and stay for an extended period before transferring them to an unsuspecting washing machine.

So, while it may be tempting to through a soft toy into the next laundry load, there’s probably a better way to keep your washer germ-free instead. In today’s blog, we’re going to explore the bulletproof technique you can use to keep your washer clean and ready to use without needing a deep cleaning drum tablet after every wash.

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No Batteries Allowed

It may sound obvious, but make sure your child’s toys don’t have a secret compartment where a b battery could hide without your knowledge. If you weren’t aware before, you’d be aware afterward that batteries and water don’t mix. At all.

So, take the time to make sure that whatever soft toy you’re looking to clean is battery-free and doesn’t have any electronics on it that could potentially make a mess of your washer’s cycle.

Bag it Up

Next, it’s time to start using the ultimate laundry tool you have short of detergent - the laundry bag. Whether protecting delicate underwear or treasured sneakers, the laundry bag is the most underrated part of any laundry routine and is crucial to a safe wash for your soft toy.

If you have a stuffed toy, then place it in a laundry bag to keep it safe from the rigors of your washing machines efforts.

Be Gentle

Once in your laundry bag and sipped up for safety, place your soft toy in the washing machine and close the door. While not crucial, we’d still heavily recommend cleaning your child’s soft toys separately from any clothes, so you don’t get any cross-contamination.

Once in the machine, set your washer to the delicates or gentle cycle setting. Be sure to use warm or cool water; too hot, and you’ll risk shrinkage.

Dry Stretch

Once it’s completed its cycle, your soft toy can now be removed from the washing machine. It’s important to remember always to remove items from your washing machine as soon as possible; this keeps the risk of germs and scum growing in your appliance at a minimum while allowing your device to dry more efficiently after cleaning your items.

Most soft toys need a bit of reforming to get back to their former glory, so take the time to stretch your children’s toy back into shape gently.

Hang ‘Em High

Once stretched and massaged, it’s now time to hang your soft toy on a washing line or somewhere dry and airy to allow it to dry naturally. As always, avoid excessive heat from dryers to make sure your child’s favorite soft toy doesn’t come out smaller than they remember.

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