Good, Clean Fun for the Holidays!

Good, Clean Fun For The Holidays!

This year has been tough for people everywhere, but the holidays give us time to come together, share in gratitude, and decompress. 

This holiday season, we wanted to do something a little different, and call out 3 easy ways to make time at home peaceful and fun.


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Keep Family Close, Even If They're Far Away

Make extra time to have fun with loved ones. Plan a game night. Bake holiday cookies. Watch a favorite movie. The best part? You can do any and all of these things in person or virtually.

Rejoice in Small Pleasures

A mug of hot cocoa, a warm fire, the scent of pine. Don't forget to take stock of all the little things about the holiday season that bring you joy — and appreciate them!

Dress Your Holiday Best

The saying look good, feel good is a saying for a reason. Pull out a snazzy holiday outfit, even if you're just connecting virtually. Sometimes dressing the part is half the fun!

Pro-tip: even if you opt for a classic pair of festive PJs, make sure your clothes stay in tip-top shape by giving your washer the extra TLC it needs beforehand. Grab some Wash Warrior today, and don't let anything stand in the way of a peaceful holiday!

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Happy holidays!
Wash Warrior Team

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