Here's Why Your Laundry Stinks After Washing and How to Stop It

Here's Why Your Laundry Stinks After Washing and How to Stop It

Ahhhh, the smell of fresh laundry. Or not! Have you ever opened your washing machine after a completed load, only to take out your laundry smelling worse than when you put it in? Perhaps you thought you'd been duped by your brand of laundry detergent? Or maybe giving it an extra wash to solve the problem crossed your mind?

In most cases, you’ve probably not been duped and an extra wash cycle is unlikely to have much effect.

There are a few reasons why your clean laundry may stink. Thankfully, there’s a few solutions too - and none of them involve buying a new washing machine, or a new wardrobe. Phew! 

A stinky washing machine


The number 1 culprit when it comes to stinky laundry is the washing machine itself. Simply put, a stinky washing machine is likely to produce stinky laundry. Washing machines are prone to being smelly. This is because they offer the perfect damp, dark environment in which bacteria can thrive. Usually, the stink is a result of accumulated laundry detergent, mold, and limescale in your machine. 

How to stop it

Before you call in a professional to assist, you can follow the below steps to help you fix the problem:

If your washing machine is still producing stinky laundry after following these steps, there is a possibility that the issue goes beyond your washing machine, i.e. a blocked or damaged plumbing pipe. 



Using too much detergent


You know what they say - “less is more”. And it’s true when it comes to laundry detergent too! While it seems logical that more detergent may equate to cleaner, better smelling laundry, it’s not necessarily the case. Using too much laundry detergent can actually be counterproductive. When there is an excessive soap sud build-up clinging to your laundry, bacteria and grime can get stuck on your clothes instead of washing away.

How to stop it

The easiest way to fix this issue is to use the recommended amount of laundry detergent. Use the measuring cup/spoon that detergents tend to come with. Alternatively, you can buy laundry detergent that comes in pre-measured doses.



Taking too long to dry


Laundry that sits damp for a while before being hung up, or just takes too long to dry in general, is likely to have a stale pong to it. The longer it's left sitting or damp for, the pongier the situation can be. This is because dampness and darkness promote mildew growth on your clothes, which cause the musty smell. 

How to stop it

There are several simple ways of ensuring your laundry dries optimally for that fresh laundry smell: 

  • Take your laundry out of the washing machine as soon as it is finished.
  • Don’t allow wet clothes to sit bunched up on the washing line (this also leads to less creasing).
  • Ideally, try to dry your clothes in a spot that has air circulation and light. 




If the last time you smelt that ‘fresh laundry smell’ was compliments of lighting a scented candle, we hope these tips can help you out. Wash Warrior makes tackling stinky laundry a breeze. While there are many DIY recipes for washing machine cleaning potions, Wash Warrior’s Antibacterial Deep Cleaning Tablets are not only simple to use, they’re more powerful than any other cleaner!



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