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Dangers of Mold

The Dangers of Washing Machine Mold

An unclean washing machine has a few expected consequences, like dirty clothes and built-up residue. But the big danger lurking beneath the surface? Mold. 

Mold grows quickly and will only grow stronger if not dealt with properly, because it feeds off of laundry detergent. Here, we'll take you through what to look out for if you suspect mold, what the dangers are, and how to stop it in its tracks so you can keep your family safe and healthy.


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What You'll Begin to Notice

The first sign of mold is a lingering odor on clothes and in your machine. If mold continues to breed, you might start noticing spores on your clothes. In a word, it's disgusting.

The Long-Term Dangers of Mold

Mold carries a number of short- and long-term health consequences. You might begin to experience respiratory duress in the form of wheezing, coughing, or sneezing. Some people experience headache and fever. Long-term, exposure to mold can have more serious effects like organ damage and a weakened immune system. You know you don't want mold anywhere in your home, so can you imagine how toxic it would be to walk around wearing it?   

An Immediate, Preventative Solution

Luckily, you can stop mold in its tracks before it's even begun. Be sure to never leave clothes sitting in your washer too long, and let the machine air out between loads. Inspect the drum and rubber seal routinely to ensure no moisture is trapped. And of course, use washing machine deep cleaning tablets to eliminate all signs of bacterial build up.

If you're seeing evidence of mold, seek professional removal to ensure the safety of your family. Once you get the all-clear, make sure cleaning tablets become a consistent part of your routine, so you'll never be faced with the dangers of mold again.

Mold is extremely dangerous to your health, but the right decontamination tablets will ensure you're never put at risk. Try Wash Warrior Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Tablets today.

With a triple Active Oxygen Decontamination Complex, these tablets kill 99% of bacteria and eradicate pathogens in under 20 minutes. Stay safe and live healthily!


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