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Essential Tips to Maintaining Your Washing Machine

Washing machines are often regarded as the real miracle machines of the 20th century, sure cars and planes and alternating currents were pretty cool, but the washing machine was the real gamechanger!

Washing clothes has never been more accessible and doesn’t require the well-developed biceps of the housewives of yore. Instead, all you need is a good idea of how to press a button and separate your colors from your whites.

Of course, it’s not entirely that simple, as machine maintenance can be a hugely important element of washing machine ownership. In this blog, we’re going to go through the best tips for maintaining your washing machine and allowing your device to run as well as it possibly can!

Tips to Maintain your Washing Machine Blog Image

The Right Rights

Using detergent in your washing machine is a given for any clothes washing process. After all, your clothes need soap to get rid of the dirt and grime that builds up over time. But, of course, using the right detergent is an entirely different matter.

When in doubt, refer to your washing machines user manual for recommended detergents and chemicals for your device. Using the wrong detergent in your machine can have disastrous results for your machine and clothes, with soup scum buildups insufficient cleaning leading to wear on your parts, unpleasant odors, and damaged clothing. The only viable solution for this being an effective, anti-bacterial washing machine cleaner to undo the damage.

On that note, it’s also essential to use the right amount of detergent as well. Using too much can lead to an overabundance of suds in your cycle, causing your rinse and spin cycles to be much less effective at their jobs.

Lint It Up

If there’s one thing that doesn’t get done enough when it comes to simple washer maintenance, it’s cleaning your lint filter.

Your lint filter is the primary separation between your clothes and the lint and dirt that gathers on them over time. If you can’t keep your lint and dirt from your clothes, then are they really ever clean? The answer is no.

In most cases, your lint filter is easily removable from your machine and can be rinsed under a sink or manually cleaned. Either way, preventing clogging in your filter is crucial and can prevent potentially dangerous and cataclysmic damage to your washing machine.

Drumming Down

Keeping your clothes clean is already a mission in itself; it’s why we invented the washing machine in the first place! However, none of the work that goes into clothes cleaning will count for much if the machine that’s doing the cleaning is dirty as well.

Now, you might be thinking we want you to grab the anti-bacterial wipes and wipe your machine down. While you should probably do that anyway, what we actually want you to do is to clean your drum.

The drum of your machine is the inner section of the washer and the part of the machine exposed to the most dirt, grime, and filth when cleaning. So setting your device to a “drum clean” setting every once in a while can go a long way to making sure your drum is free from bacteria-ridden filth and soap scum that can build up over time. Even better, why not give that drum a thorough clean with a powerful non-toxic and anti-bacterial cleaner that will keep your machine odor-free.

That’s it for today’s blog, be sure to check out our other blogs from Wash Warriors on the latest tips and tricks for keeping your washing machine clean and operational. Using an effective washer cleaner is crucial to getting the best out of your machine, so if you have any questions about our non-toxic and powerful eco-friendly cleaning products, then feel free to contact us!


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