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Why you should be disinfecting your laundry from bacteria

Did you know that the average American family washes about 300 loads of washing per year? Wash after wash and year after year, we rely on our washing machines to remove those icky stains, spruce up our clothes, and eliminate odor and bacteria. 

When you stop and think about it, your washing machine is a mighty piece of equipment. You could even say it's the unsung hero of your home!

But when it comes to disinfecting your laundry from bacteria, your washing machine can only do so much. After hundreds of washes, the uncomfortable truth is that your washing machine starts to build up all sorts of nasty substances...

We're talking mold, dirt, grime, and worst of all - bacteria. 

And how's this for a stat: the rate of bacteria counts exceeding the standard for household washing machines is more than 80%. That's downright alarming!

Here's why it's so important to clean your washing machine - the right way. 

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1. Exterminate Dangerous Germs and Bacteria 

Just because your washing machine cleans clothes, it doesn't mean it sanitizes them. Unfortunately, any germs and bacteria that enter your washing machine can spread onto other clothes and your machine itself. The end result can be serious for you and your family, with consequences that include irritation, rashes, allergies, and even life-threatening infections.

In a study published by Frontiers in Microbiology , its findings concluded that bacteria found in fecal matter from underwear wasn't killed by the washing machine. In fact, the washing process only resulted in spreading the germs to other clothing items!

Similar studies have also found that the laundering process caused a microbial exchange of "influent water bacteria, skin, and clothes-related bacteria; and biofilm-related bacteria in the washing machine. 

These findings highlight why it is essential you  regularly clean your washing machine. Only by cleaning and sanitizing your washing machine can you remove and destroy illness-causing bacteria. 

2. Remove Residue and Odors 

There are few things more annoying than completing a load of washing only to have your clothes smelling worse than when they entered the machine. This tends to happen because your washing machine - and its dark, warm, moisture-laden environment - can be a haven for mold and fungi.

Aside from making your clothes smell disgusting, mold and fungi can result in health concerns, particularly for people with allergies.

Jennifer Ahoni, a senior scientific communications manager at Proctor and Gamble Home Care, notes that "clean clothes require a clean washing machine." 

By regularly cleaning your washing machine, you'll prevent toxins from building up - and avoid the embarrassment of smelly clothes. 

So, what's the remedy for a clean washing machine? And how do you go about disinfecting your home laundry from bacteria?

Put simply, you need to regularly clean and sanitize your washing machine. This ensures you not only remove germs, dirt, and debris but that you also kill germs and bacteria

By consistently cleaning and sanitizing your washing machine, you'll enjoy a deeper clean, whilst prolonging the life of your machine AND protecting your family from harmful germs and bacteria. 

Wash Warrior's Antibacterial Deep Cleaning Tablets are easy to use, more powerful than any other cleaner, and quickly destroy any odor and bacteria causing residues.

When it comes to properly disinfecting your laundry from bacteria, old hacks like bleach and vinegar simply don't cut it.

Choose Wash Warrior and give germs and bacteria the boot!

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Happy washing!
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