Dirty Laundry? Here Are 3 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Sick

Dirty Laundry? Here are 3 ways to reduce your risk of getting sick

Laundry has a way of pilling up and getting all mixed in a dirty color and fabric medley. The soiled laundry in our hampers can be covered in remnants of everything they’ve touched in and out of your home. These nasties can make you sick if not dealt with correctly.

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Below we discuss three ways in which you can reduce your risk of getting sick from dirty washing:



1. When in doubt, wash it

Unfortunately, the sniff test doesn't quite cut it. If clothes smell bad, it’s probably from sweat and body oils. The nastier stuff usually goes undetected. So, washing your clothes and household fabrics more regularly than not is especially important. Here’s a little guide: 

  1. Gloves and scarves are constantly touching your face and your gloves are constantly touching door handles and handrails. Make sure you wash your gloves and scarves at least weekly if you are wearing them often.
  2. As for your winter coat, it is advisable to wash it at least three or four times throughout the winter season. 
  3. Underwear and bras should be washed immediately after one use. 
  4. Wash sportswear after every use. 
  5. Tops and blouses after 1-2 wears
  6. Pants should be washed after 2-3 wears, jeans you can sometimes leave a little longer


2. Clean your washing machine regularly 

Your washing machine can slowly develop a build up of detergent residue, dirt, and grime that can go unseen for months. Thinking your washing machine cleans itself during loads is a huge mistake. Your washing machine needs to be cleaned to ensure your clothes are coming out cleaner and fresher than when they went in. 

Wash Warrior’s washing machine deep cleaning tablets provide the ultimate deep clean for your washing machine, leaving it squeaky clean and odor-free. 


3. Dry laundry thoroughly after washing

Damp environments aren’t the most hygienic. So it’s important that you dry your washing thoroughly, and begin the drying process as soon as possible after the wash cycle is finished. While it’s usually advisable to dry on the line to save power, when trying to minimize the number of nasties left lingering on your clothes, the dryer is the way to go.






Considering these three simple steps can help you avoid getting sick as a result of your laundry practices. Laundry, unfortunately, is a household task that cannot be escaped. As such, you want to ensure your laundry processes aren’t affecting the health of your and your family.

Wash warrior’s deep cleaning washing machine cleaner can be used in both front and top loader machines and is made from an amazing formula to keep your machine pristine. It only takes one tablet set on the ‘clean washer’ or ‘rinse and spin’ cycle to get the sludge buildup out of your washing machine.




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Happy Washing!

The Wash Warrior Team

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