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The Cold, Hard Truth about Cold & Flu Viruses in your Washer

Coming down with a cold or the flu is never fun. Whether you experience mild congestion, a fever, or a more severe infection of the upper respiratory tract, getting sick always creates an extraordinarily unpleasant interference in your day-to-day.

And, of course, the common cold and influenza are both contagious. That means if one person in your household comes down with something, everyone is at risk.

You might keep your distance from family members and rely heavily on getting lots of fluids and vitamins. You might also think: if I get plenty of sleep and disinfect common spaces, we'll squash this thing in a few days.

But here's the cold, hard truth about these viruses: they often go undetected in the places you'd least expect.

The most notable of these hidden hotspots is your washing machine.

Why is this the case? Let's take an honest look at what you're up against.

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1. Cold and Flu Viruses Become Contagious Before Any Symptoms Emerge

The common cold and the flu are upper respiratory infections in the nose and throat. Both can be marked by a runny nose, congestion, muscle aches, and fever. The flu can also attack your lungs and become quite severe if left untreated. Once symptoms set in, we naturally head into recovery mode and steer clear of loved ones.

But according to CDC experts, people become contagious one to two days before they start showing signs of sickness. This means that exposure has already happened when your precautions generally begin, particularly in unaddressed areas like the laundry room where clothing items are intermingled and then distributed throughout the household.

2. Germ-Ridden Items In the Wash Won't Be Disinfected During a Laundry Cycle

It's gross, but studies show that contagious pathogens lingering on the clothing of a sick person (whether or not you're aware of symptoms yet) are easily passed onto the clothing of uninfected individuals. Germ researcher Kelly Reynolds discovered that a single germ-infested item "will spread to 90% of the other items" in your washing machine.

What's worse: even the hottest water won't kill the germs. And even washing a sick person's clothes separately won't make a difference. As Reynolds explains, because the washer has no capacity to eliminate germs on its own, viral organisms will linger in the machine and transmit to the next load anyway. Put simply, it's a nightmare.

So what's the solution for such a potentially dangerous situation? You need to completely eradicate germs from your washing machine so they can't continue to lurk on clothing and wreak havoc on every member of your household.

Put another way: if you're consistently deep-cleaning your washing machine, you'll stop the spread of harmful cold and flu viruses even before you're aware anyone is under the weather.

Wash Warrior's Deep Cleaning Tablets remove these contagious pathogens in under 20 minutes — rapidly and effectively keeping your family safe.

So don't just apply the most well-known strategies of battling illness; stay a step ahead of the common cold and flu by taking your precautions and solutions to the next level with Wash Warrior.

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