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Clean & Maintain Your Washing Machine With This Routine

Cleaning your washing machine is like riding a bicycle; you never forget how to do it once you’ve got the basics down. It’s also an essential practice to maintain if you want to avoid costly repairs down the line.


The key myth we always work hard to eliminate with washing machines is the idea that washers are “self-cleaning.” We’ll be straightforward with this - your washing machine is not a self-cleaning device and needs to be cleaned properly using a dedicated cleaner every once in a while.


So, with that in mind, it’s time to review your washing machine’s state-of-affairs and get into the nooks and crannies. So, keep reading today’s blog post and learn the best way you can clean your washing machine with this simple guide. 


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Front Load Machine

Whenever you’re cleaning your washing machine, it’s important to remember that your maintenance routine will change depending on the device in question. For example, for a front load washing machine, your routine should look something like this:


Drain filter: Take the filter out of the machine and give it a thorough clean. Keep a few old towels ready if there’s still water in the machine.


Detergent drawer. Take out the detergent drawer and wash it in warm water. Dry it off afterward and place it back in the machine.


Door seals. If there’s one part of the machine that has the most potential to get moldy - it’s the door seals. So give them a rub down with bleach or an anti-mold product.


After completing these steps, grab yourself a Wash Warrior drum cleaning tablet and place it in the machine, set the device to rinse, and enjoy a 100% germ and gunk-free washing machine.


Top Loading Washing Machines

Top load washing machines are great for smaller households and deliver efficient performance with the proper water setting. Plus, you can quickly stop them mid-cycle to add any last-minute additions. As a result, top-loaders are generally cheaper than front-load washing machines, making them financially attractive.

Follow this routine to keep your top loach washer in

top condition:


Lint filter: Take the filter out and wash in warm, soapy water.


Fabric softener dispenser: Remove from the machine and clean it with warm, soapy wash as well.


Drainage pipes. Loosen the hose clamp where the washing machine hose is attached to the machine, then hold one hose end under a sink tap and the other at the sink’s drain and run warm water through it to dislodge any blockages or build-up.


Like the front load machine, put your components back into the device and then run your machine in a rinse cycle while using a Wash Warrior drum cleaning tablet. This part is crucial to relieve your machine of the scum and dirt that can gather in the device after multiple washes.


If you follow these steps and keep a regular cleaning and maintenance routine for your washing machine, you’ll be able to get a lot more mileage from your washer than most. So, grab a pack of Wash Warrior drum cleaning tablets and give your washing machine some well-deserved TLC.



That’s it for today’s blog, be sure to check out our other blogs from Wash Warrior on the latest tips and tricks for keeping your washing machine clean and operational. Also, if you have any questions about our products, then feel free to contact us!


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Happy Washing!

The Wash Warrior Team

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