7 Smart Laundry Do's and Don'ts This Summer Season

7 Smart Laundry Do's and Don'ts

Of all the exciting activities you can get up to under the summer sun, we know laundry might not be at the top of your list. However, knowing the do's and don'ts of laundry can streamline the process and make it a little less of a task. Washing your clothes can expose them to some harsh conditions. So, it's important to do it correctly to avoid damaged, shrunken, or even different colored clothes.

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1. Remove stains before washing

Have the kids been rolling around on the lawn enjoying the warm weather and sunshine? Or perhaps your wine glass had a bit of a wobble last Saturday night? Either way, stains happen. If you fall into the majority, you may think that your washing machine will remove stains from your clothes. Unfortunately, that's a misconception, and while a good detergent is powerful at cleaning your clothes, it might not get to those hard-to-remove stains.

A good idea is to pre-soak your stained clothes in concentrated detergent or apply the detergent to the stained spot directly by dabbing it with a sponge. Once applied, let it soak for up to six hours. You may have to repeat this soaking process until the stain is removed and then rinse with running cold water before throwing it into the washer.

2. Review your clothes washing method

Before you begin a load of washing, you should check the tags on your clothes and review the laundry symbol. These symbols can tell you what setting you should be washing the item to keep it in good shape. Combine your clothes into their washer setting groups and wash them together with the appropriate method for best results!

3. Avoid the dryer

Dryers are notorious for agitating, tumbling, and overheating your clothes, leaving them bent out of shape. Drying clothes exposes them to fading, stretching and piling. In the summer months, they should dry quickly by being hung out and left. If you don't get a lot of sunlight where you are, the warmer temperature should still provide enough warmth to dry your clothes conveniently. If you lack space to hang all of your garments up, there are products like a clothes rack to support your needs.

4. Wash delicates by hand

Delicate clothes are susceptible to the extreme conditions of washers, and the process can easily damage them. Instead of using the washing machine, you can hand-wash them by filling a sink with warm water and laundry detergent and submerging the items. Swish them around with your hands a few times and leave them to soak. Make sure to sort by color, separating lights and darks to avoid color transfer.

5. Fill up the washing machine

Washing your clothes uses water and power, so it's a great idea to make the process more efficient. You can save some time and money while helping the environment by making sure the washer is full when you start your load. If you need to wash some items quickly, try to see if anyone else in your household needs to wash anything to help you fill the machine. Using environmentally friendly laundry products allows you to make the process even more eco-friendly.

6. Wash your darks inside-out

Our poor darks can have their vibrance sucked out of them in the washing cycle. You should turn dark jeans, blouses, and other dark materials inside-out to reduce the impact of the wash and minimize their fading.

7. Keep your washing machine clean

Washing machines are one of the most utilized household items around the world. They have an essential purpose - keeping our clothes clean! But if your washing machine itself is dirty, it’s a bit of a counterproductive scenario. You may even find your clothes coming out dirtier (and stinkier) than when they went in.

Thankfully, products like Wash Warrior’s Antibacterial Deep Cleaning Tablets do the scrubbing for you, with its active oxygen decontamination process, suppressing 99% of bacteria and keeping your washing machine squeaky clean.

How to Read Washing Machine Symbols: A Guide
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Happy Washing!

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