5 Tips on How You Should Do Laundry During A Pandemic

5 Tips on How You Should Actually Be Doing Laundry to Stay Healthly

We wish doing laundry was as simple as dirty laundry in, clean laundry out. However, the unfortunate reality is there is far more involved in doing your laundry the right way. Improving your personal hygiene habits (washing hands, not touching too many surfaces, etc) is also great, but your clothes are exposed to just as much as you are, if not more.

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Here are 5 laundry tips on how you should actually be doing laundry to stay healthly:


1. Wash quickly

It’s a great idea to wash your clothes soon after wearing them, and often! While the general recommendations suggest various items of clothing can go several wears before being laundered, any items that have been in busy workplaces or busy crowds should be washed quickly. Unable to get to your laundry as quickly as you’d like to? It pays to ensure you keep your dirty laundry contained in a laundry hamper or the washing machine itself instead of… in piles on the bedroom floor (it’s ok - we’ve all been there).


2. Wash immersively 

Clothes, unlike other hard surfaces, have layers. This means that a non-immersive (surface) clean only cleans the top layer. Many times, this isn’t sufficient. To give an item of clothing a thorough wash, it needs a wet, fully immersive wash with detergent.


3. Wash hot 

Under normal circumstances, you probably wouldn’t make your hot wash cycle your standard cycle. However, you may wish to consider it for your well-worn or heavily soiled items. 104.0 °F to 140°F is generally a good temperature to get rid of anything you wouldn’t want lingering on your clothes, especially any lingering bacterias, dirt or grime, even harsh food stains. However, it’s important to note that hot water is harsh on nasties, but also some fabrics. So, be mindful when it comes to washing your delicates, and be sure to always check the label on things before you throw them in the washing machine for a scorching.


4. Wash strong 

A great high quality laundry detergent is always a good plan!  If you want to take it to the next level, there is also the option of bleach. However, please do not use your standard household bleach on your clothes as you risk damaging them, at the least. Instead, you can use the kind of bleach that is specially manufactured for clothes. You may choose to add a small amount when you wash your clothes for an extra-strong clean. But again, check the label to avoid any wardrobe crises.


5. Wash clean

Contrary to exceptionally popular belief, washing machines don’t wash themselves while washing your clothes. They need cleaning of their own. Thankfully, using a deep-cleaning washing machine product like Wash Warrior’s deep cleaning tablets can help you get the job done with ease. The best part is, there’s no dirty work required on your end - just throw the tablet in, let a wash cycle run, and boom - squeaky clean washing machine (that smells good too).



Making a few simple changes can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Not to mention, the environment will thank you for it. Wash warriors washing machine deep cleaning tablets can solve at least one of your laundry mistakes by helping you keep your washing machine squeaky clean! 


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Happy Washing!

The Wash Warrior Team

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