5 Great Ways to Disinfect Your Clothes

5 Great Ways to Disinfect Your Clothes

Unbeknown to many, clothes are a major carrier of germs that can cause harm and sickness. Our clothes cover a large surface area of our body, and protect us from coming into direct contact with many things, by coming into contact with them themselves. Learning to disinfect your clothes consistently can enhance your hygiene and health, reducing your chances of becoming ill.

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Below we look at five of the best ways to disinfect your clothes:



1. Use hot water to wash your clothes

Hot water (when hot enough) can kill and remove bacteria from your clothes, preventing them from harboring germs. Getting into the habit of periodically washing your clothes at high temperatures (above 130 degrees) should mean that your clothes are getting deep clean and disinfecting.

 It’s important to note that washing your clothes on a hot water cycle can be a little harsh on some materials. Therefore, it’s essential to use a hot wash cycle periodically or for heavily soiled clothes rather than as your everyday wash cycle. 


2. Use chemical disinfectants

Another method of disinfecting your clothes is by using chemical disinfectants. This method can be especially useful for delicate garments that can’t be washed at high temperatures. Before the wash, soak your clothes in a chemical disinfectant or chlorine bleach, turning them inside-out to minimize wash abrasion.

These chemicals can be highly concentrated and hazardous to your skin, so ensure you dilute it with water in a sink or container and use chemical gloves to soak the clothes. 


3. Keep your washing machine clean

While washing machines are what you turn to for clothing hygiene, they can become dirty and do a decreasingly effective job over time. You can regularly wash the inside of your machine with paper rolls or clean dishcloths to remove dirt from the surfaces you can see. However, dirt and germs can build up inside the machine, so consider using washing machine cleaning products to provide a thorough wash and help the washer perform at its best.

Wash Warrior is a tablet created to deeply clean your washer by simply placing a tablet into your washing machine and running a wash cycle. It's proven to remove grime, mold, and bacteria from your washer to ensure your clothes are cleaned thoroughly and disinfected.


4. Dry your clothes sufficiently

When your clothes don’t dry properly, they can become a ripe host for bacteria. In the summer months, try to hang your clothes outside where they can dry quickly and effectively with fresh air and sunlight. If you have a drying machine, ensure your clothes are suitable for the device and use it straight after you've washed them. This can help to remove all of the moisture and keep them free of germs.


5. Disinfect the laundry basket and hanging rack

The objects you use to support your clothes washing process, like laundry baskets and hanging racks, are often neglected in regular house cleaning. And they shouldn’t be as they can be home to a lot of bacteria. Try to disinfect these objects regularly so that when you use them to handle your fresh laundry, they don't transfer nasties onto your clothes.





We hope you find these 5 tips for disinfecting your clothes helpful! Using a deep-cleaning washing machine product like Wash Warrior’s antibacterial Wash Warrior tablets can aid the process immensely!



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Happy Washing!

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