4 tips to reduce washing machine odors

4 Tips to Reduce Washing Machine Odors

The humble washing machine is, arguably, the central appliance of the home and the savior of many stay-at-home-parents for generations.
However, while the domestic household’s 20th-century “miracle machine” is a clothes cleaning hero, it has a few maintenance quirks. With many moving parts that can build up with dirt, oil, and soap scum over time, the washing machine is susceptible to an odor buildup that can make cleaning your clothes into something entirely different.

The residue that builds up in the washing machine can cause these odors to come out in your clothes. Even worse, the build-up of unpleasant substances can be the death knell of the device itself, affecting the washing action of the appliance. If that’s not enough, softener and detergent can also build-up, which, when combined with the abundance of moisture and high temperatures involved, can create the perfect storm for some pretty rank smells in your machine.

In this blog, we’re going to explore some of the best ways you can avoid a build-up occurring in your machine. Read on!

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Check out these 4 amazing tips to reduce your washing machine odors


1. Clean Regularly

We’ll get the obvious tip out of the way first. While it may seem kind of funny for the uninitiated, your washing machine needs to be cleaned from time to time to maintain the best results. So no, your clothes cleaning cycle will not help and won’t clean your machine in the way that this sort of thing matters. 

Wash Warriors’ washing machine cleaning tablets are a good start for this and can provide the right kind of cleaning for your machine to protect your device from buildup as well as your future loads of clothing. 

In short, clean out the washing machine regularly for the best results.


2. Read The Instructions

Always read the instructions before washing your clothes. Sure, it sounds simple, but the reality is that every washing machine has a different approach to cleaning and can have certain quirks that could lead to potential build-ups.

If your washing machine has a different program for delicate materials or heavy clothing, then be sure to figure out what works best before starting your next load.

3. Take a Load Off

Here is another tip that often sounds strange on the surface but makes sense when you think about it; avoid washing too many clothes together. 

Simply put, the more clothes you wash at one time, the less washing powder and water can circulate around them. Unfortunately, this leaves clothes with a stale smell that is often a sign of your detergent or washing powder being unable to do its job adequately. 

If your detergent has problems cleaning your larger loads, then the potential for odor-causing bacteria to grow in your washing machine multiplies!


4. Proper Wiping

What many washing machine owners forget to consider when cleaning or maintaining their machine is the seal. The seal of your door is arguably the primary defense for excess moisture in your machine. Unfortunately, however, this also means that your seal is the most exposed to the evils that humidity can bring. 

Thankfully, this can all be avoided by simply wiping your seal between every complete cleaning cycle. This helps reduce a moisture build-up in your machine and the potentially smelly odors that can occur as a result.  


4 tips to reduce washing machine odors


That’s it for today’s blog, be sure to check out our other blogs from Wash Warriors on the latest tips and tricks for keeping your washing machine clean and operational. Also, if you have any questions about our products, then feel free to contact us!


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Happy Washing!

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