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4 Common Myths About Cleaning

There are a number of old wives tales people traditionally follow when it comes to their cleaning routines, and you likely know them well. From bleach reigning king for disinfecting surfaces to smell tests for laundry, some of the most common household cleaning tenets are actually generations-old myths. 

Not to worry: the days of faux-clean kitchens and bathrooms are behind us. Check out 4 widely-spread misconceptions about cleaning below, and guarantee a germ-free regimen for years to come. 


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Bleach = Clean

For decades, people have been using bleach as their primary agent for cleaning surfaces. While bleach does possess strong disinfectant properties, it is not all-purpose in its ability to tackle your toughest messes. Bleach will not eliminate dirt and residue, so when you reach for the bleach, you're getting a fraction of the cleaning power you need.

Vinegar Is a Catch-All Ingredient in DIY Products

Vinegar is a classic choice for homemade, DIY cleaning solutions, and many people have grown to see this grime-fighting ingredient as a holistic go-to. Unfortunately, vinegar can dissolve wood finishes, dull countertops, and seriously damage dishwashers or washing machines. While you may experience short-term disinfectant success with vinegar, swap in other non-toxic cleaning agents to preserve the long-term function and effectiveness or your surfaces and appliances.  

If It Smells Clean, It Is Clean

We tend to equate fresh-smelling rooms, upholstery, and clothing with germ-free materials. The problem, however, is that many classic cleaning solutions use crisp and palatable scents to mask their anti-bacterial shortcomings. Relying solely on smell to gauge cleanliness leaves your home open to undetected grime and bacterial buildup. Instead, look for products with all-purpose decontamination complexes to ensure you're eliminating dirt and disease-causing residue for good.

Machines That Clean...Will Clean Themselves

When it comes to dishwashers or washing machines, we'd like to think that the near-constant bath of detergent and hot water we give dishes and clothes would effectively clean each appliance, too. Not so. Machines designed to deep clean need their share of deep cleaning. Without added maintenance, grease, bacterial residue—and even undissolved detergent—builds up over time. The result? Unwanted odors and grime—and less-than-clean dishes and clothes.

Don't let age-old myths dictate your cleaning routines. Instead, ensure you have an array of products on hand specifically designed to fight bacteria, dirt, and residue. For laundry needs, we've got you covered.

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