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Save "Ruined" Clothes

3 Surprising Secrets for Saving "Ruined" Clothes

With laundry, it's near inevitable to encounter the occasional mishap. Clothes start fading over time, beloved items shrink, and in the most potentially dangerous cases, clothes start to...not actually get cleaned.

Good news: a lot of these issues are simple human error, and there are easy ways to avoid — or fix! — your most disappointing accidents.

Below, check out three surprising laundry secrets that many find counterintuitive, but are actually the solutions to common laundry woes.

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1. Use Less Detergent

When clothes come out of the wash feeling less-than-clean, most people reach for extra detergent. Stop! Detergent residue can actually build up in your machine, leaving icky films on clothing in the best-case scenario, and becoming a breeding ground for odorous mold and bacteria in the worst.

Make it a habit to use less detergent in each load to reduce the risk of contamination. And don't overlook the power of a true deep clean. Use powerful Wash Warrior cleaning tablets to cut through all residue and kill 99% of bacteria.

2. Rewash Shrunken Clothes to Restore Shape

When shirts come out of the laundry half the size they started, many individuals consider them unfortunate lost causes. Don't! Contrary to what you might expect, rewashing that clothing will give you the best chance at restoring its shape.

Essentially, you're loosening its fibers again to make the fabric more malleable. Remove the damp item from its second wash and let it stretch by hanging it wet or manually tugging it back into shape and letting it sit with weights.

3. Smaller Loads at Higher Heat Save Discolored White Tees

You love that white tee you got, oh, 10 years ago, and you don't want to part with it...but you've come to accept that it's seen better days. Nonsense! Give faded or discolored whites a touch of extra TLC by washing in smaller batches as a higher heat.

Many think that high heat causes fading — and they'd be right — but not when it comes to keeping whites bright. The higher the heat, the better the chemical reaction with detergent and the deeper you'll be able to penetrate the subtler staining that dulls or warps color.

Ready to wash with more confidence and stop throwing away clothes when you can save them?

Set yourself up for success with Wash Warrior's Deep Cleaning Tablets. With the power to eliminate grime and dangerous bacterial buildups in your machine, you won't feel like reaching for extra detergent is the answer even again, nor will you find yourself wearing less-than-clean clothing!

It all starts with a decontaminated washing machine.

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Happy washing!
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