8 Common Laundry Mistakes You’re Probably Making

If you’re a little slack when it comes to ensuring your laundry processes are flawless and refined, you’re not alone. Doing the laundry involves a lot more than simply tossing a bunch of different items into your washing machine and pulling them out when they are ‘clean’.

Below we explore 8 common laundry crimes and how to avoid committing them:


1. You’re using too much laundry detergent

Remember, less is more. You may think more detergent will help make your clothes cleaner, but this is not the case. When you add too much detergent it doesn’t completely rinse out of your clothes. This can attract more dirt as they stick to the residue. 


2. You don’t sort your laundry by material and color

Most of us know that light-colored clothing should be washed separately from darks, right? Well, you should also be sorting items by different materials. Grouping items by their fabrics helps your laundry dry simultaneously so you can bring it all in at once. Separating heavier items such as sweaters from more delicate fabrics also prevents damage to lighter clothing. 

3. You don’t regularly clean your washing machine

This is one of the big ones - thinking your washing machine cleans itself during cycles is a huge mistake. Detergent residue, dirt, and grime can go unseen and build up over time. 

Wash Warrior’s washing machine deep cleaning tablets are a hands-off way to scrub and clean away any washing machine thanks to their triple active oxygen decontamination complex. One tablet set on the ‘clean washer’ or ‘rinse and spin’ cycle will do the trick! Their powerful deep cleaning abilities and usability in all types of washing machines make these tablets the pick of the bunch. 


4. Not reading the label

Even if you think you’re dealing with a simple cotton shirt, be sure to check the label to save yourself a world of hassle when it shrinks to the size of a pea. Most items that say “dry-clean” can be hand washed and air-dried. However, when dealing with leather, suede or silk, take no chances and get those items to the dry cleaners!


5. Washing items buttoned up? Unzipped?

Washing items buttoned up to preserve their shape seems like a good idea, right? But it can cause the buttonholes to stretch and become stressed. Unbutton all of your garments before tossing them in the washer. Also, zip up your garments before washing, as they can snag on other items of clothing. 


6. Washing at too high a temperature

Knowing that high temperatures can kill any living organisms makes it tempting to crank up the heat. But doing this could damage your clothing. Doing laundry on a cold cycle can increase the lifespan of your clothing, helping both the planet and your wallet! Most people don’t want to hear it but try and use your dryer as little as possible, use a clothesline or clotheshorse. You’ll use less energy and your clothes are likely to last longer.


7. Don’t overload your washing machine

We all may have stuffed too many items in the washing machine at one time or another, often thinking to ourselves, is this a little too full? Overloading your machine can damage its drum and lessen the effectiveness of the wash. So make sure you load your machine with a bit of space left for your clothes to swim around getting pristinely clean!


8. Mistreating stains

Many of us approach stains on our clothing the wrong way. Maybe leaving a stain too long before cleaning it or rubbing a stain too vigorously. The best thing to do is to soak the stain immediately, if you can, leaving it soaking for a few hours if it’s particularly bad. Next, rub or pat gently with cold water and a stain remover, wash on your regular wash cycle and hope for the best! 

Making a few simple changes can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Not to mention, the environment will thank you for it. Wash warriors washing machine deep cleaning tablets can solve at least one of your laundry mistakes by helping you keep your washing machine squeaky clean! 

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Happy Washing!

The Wash Warrior Team

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